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Our services

NetMile Ltd offers these services:

• Project design and management

• Installation and putting into operation of the equipments

• Control management and assistance in the network activation

• Network synchronization and dissemination of accurate time (PRS)

• Customer support services during the network enlargement

• Trainings for project managers and end-users

• Security of smart objects and buildings
• Fire & Security exchanges and Attendance & Access Control System
• Camera system and perimeter security
• Control managements UNEM, LMS, ESX, C4 and SONY IPELA

• Air-conditioning services for buildings


After the project completion, our customers can profit from the following contractual services:

• 24 / 7 technical support
• Education and providing of new information
• Online support to all our customers

• Repair and spare parts

In order to ensure the high quality of customer service, our engineers specialize themselves in individual telecommunication equipments throughout continuing education. NetMile Ltd has its own certified staff for each product it offers.